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Sales365Cloud is cloud based CRM software which is mostly used to manage the customer relationship. As also it manages business contact, clients, employee, contract & sales lead.

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One necessary aspect of the CRM approach is that the systems of CRM that compile knowledge from a spread of various information channels, together with a company's website, telephone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and a lot of recently, social media. Through the CRM approach and also the systems used to promote it, businesses learn a lot of concerning their target audiences and the way to best cater to their desires.

Sales365cloud is a Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) Software which is created for customers interaction. It stores customer data, business information, Client's contact & more...

Why use CRM?

Our Sales365Cloud CRM software is especially used for small & midsize business companies. It holds customers to get higher customers expertise, Attracts new customers, gains new clients & contracts, improves productively & Abstracts customers management value.

CRM Software Finds more leads, keep more customers to grow your business & close more deals. Stay up to date with your customer's information & business data.

You need a CRM to look into your near future and be imminent of your income. You need CRM to relieve the risk and costs of staff turnover. You need CRM to engage in a cycle of constant improvement. You need CRM for your business to survive.


  • - Simplicity and ease of integration

  • - Remote access

  • - Mobile access

  • - Stronger multichannel support

  • - Integrated analytics

  • - Campaign management

  • - List management/master data management

  • - Flexibility and customization

  • - Lead generation and follow-up tracking

  • - Contact Management

  • - Sales Lead Management

  • - Sales Quotations

  • - Productivity

  • - Marketing

  • - Documents

  • - Customer Service

  • - Customization

  • - Website Integration

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